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Individuals with autism or sensory handling disorder have problem with sensory modulation and regulation. This could show up as an oversensitivity to sensory excitement.

Weighted blankets are similar to weighted vests in that they offer proprioceptive or deep touch stress (DTP) to the body. Given that we understand that proprioceptive, deep touch pressure helps to launch serotonin, a natural chemical that assists to control some brain features, weighted blankets are made use of to assist with sensory modulation and law.

These sensory-based treatments that have a DTP element have been shown to have a relaxing, arranging effect on one's nervous system.

In this write-up, we will certainly look carefully at the use of weighted blankets and also just how research study supports the use of this treatment.

In a 2008 research study published in Occupational Therapy in Mental Wellness, use a 30-lb weighted blanket resulted in adult individuals reporting lower anxiety (63%), reduced physical information (blood pressure, pulse rate, pulse oximetry), and also favorable soothing effects (78%). Weighted blanket usage in psychological health and wellness settings, proactively and also in situation circumstances, had a calming effect that was reported to reduced anxiety and provide a coping approach in times of stress and anxiety.

Using weighted blankets has been increased to consist of people with mental wellness medical diagnoses like post-traumatic stress disorder, ADHD, anxiousness, and also obsessive compulsive disorder. Research individuals reported feeling safe, tranquil, as well as website grounded adhering to weighted blanket usage.

Much more recently, a 2011 research published in the Journal of Medical and Biological Design discovered the physiological results of Deep Touch Stress (medical information like heart price, blood pressure, etc) corresponded with the individuals' apparently lower anxiousness levels following weighted blanket usage. The research study's data confirmed a modification in nervous system task after deep touch stress (weighted blanket) was introduced.

Given that we understand that people who experience sensory overstimulation experience actual physiological symptoms, this research supports that deep touch stress could help manage those clinical changes.

An additional research study found that weighted blankets could be a rest aid for people that experience sleeping disorders. Their study suggested that the participants' bedtime enhanced, and activities during rest reduced, with weighted blanket use. Subjective information in this research study was overwhelmingly favorable, with subjects reporting they appreciated utilizing the weighted blanket during rest.

So, the research shows prospective positive impacts of weighted blanket use for:

lowering stress and anxiety
decreasing physical indicators of stress and anxiety (blood pressure, pulse price).
positive calming impacts.
positive influence on sleep time and also habits.

If you're interested in finding out more about making use of a weighted blanket, ways to pick the ideal one, and also exactly what to do, keep reading!


When picking a weighted blanket, it is very important to consider 2 main features: weight as well as fabric.

A basic guideline when selecting your blanket's weight factor is to increase your child's body weight by 10% as well as add 1-2 lbs. relying on preference. So a 50 pound kid would certainly be provided a 5 pound weighted blanket on the low end and also a 7 lb. blanket on the high-end.

You want the weight to be hefty enough to supply deep touch pressure, website however not so heavy that it presents a safety danger throughout sleep. The sort of weight as well as design of the blanket will vary on how the weight is dispersed, and the style could affect washability, so take a close consider exactly how more info the blanket is weighted.

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